Conditions of participation

The conditions of participation apply to all participants of each discipline (5,2 km, 5,2 km Nordic Walking, 10,4 km) of the Basel Women's Run. The conditions of participation govern the legal relationship between the participant and the organiser resulting from the registration and are valid in the respectively published version.

The organiser is W2 Event & Concept AG. The place of jurisdiction is Ruggell.

Competition conditions

ONLY women are allowed to participate. All women may participate in the run who are a woman or girl before the law and who have duly registered with the organiser. For non-eligible persons, no contract is concluded.

The event and the competitions take place in all weathers. However, the organiser reserves the right, in the event of “danger ahead” (e.g. bad weather, force majeure, terror etc.), to prematurely cancel the competitions without entitlement to any reimbursement of the entry fee.

However, the organizer reserves the right to terminate the competitions prematurely in the event of "imminent danger" (e.g. severe weather, epidemics, terror, etc.) without any claim to reimbursement of the entry fee.

Participation in the competitions using other sports equipment is not permitted. Sports equipment of any kind, which may affect the safety or health of the participants of the event, such as inline skates, bicycles, and so on, may not allowed to be used at the event. Participation using handbikes, accompanying on bicycles, inline skates and other means of transport, as well as the entrainment of animals, is not possible for safety reasons.

No male persons may participate in the run – neither as a pacemaker nor as an accompaniment.

The use of Nordic walking sticks is only possible in the provided Nordic Walking starting blocks. 
All participants of the Nordic Walking competition must follow the official rules (see Nordic Walking Rating). 
Participants who would like to go for a walk or go slowly have to register under running. Nordic Walking participation is only possible with Nordic Walking sticks! The starting block division (according to start number) assigned by the organiser must be observed. 

The personal official start number may not be passed on, changed (reduced, folded, pasted over, etc.) or the advertising print made invisible or unrecognisable. The personal start number is to be worn on the front of the torso. If the race number is passed on to another competitor, it will be disqualified.

The instructions of the organiser and their appropriately identified staff must be obeyed. In the event of actions that may disrupt the proper course of the event or jeopardise the safety of the other participants, the organiser is entitled to exclude the person concerned from the event and/or announce the disqualification.

The organiser, their appropriately identified staff or the staff of the medical service commissioned by them are entitled to prohibit the participation or continuation of participation in the event with appropriate health signs to protect the participant.

In all competitions the timekeeping is managed by the company Raceresult. Without timekeeping, no single and/or team ranking is possible.

Organisational issues

Registrations can only be made via the online registration system under Registrations by e-mail or telephone will not be accepted. The online registration system is open until 26.08.2020 at 00:00. Between the 27.08.2020 and 30.08.2020 no registration is possible. Subsequent registrations can only be made in person. 

The registration is binding. In the case of hindrance of any kind or non-participation, a withdrawal from the registration is not possible and there is no claim for reimbursement of the entry fee.

A change to another name or to another competition is not possible. 

For organisational reasons the organiser reserves the right to limit the number of participants at their own discretion. Registrations that exceed the defined limit can be rejected by the organiser.
Consideration of registrations takes place after the date of receipt.

After the pre-registration deadline, each participant will receive a registration confirmation via e-mail. This must be printed and brought to the start number issuance. Retrieval of the start documents is only possible with the presentation of the registration confirmation and/or official photo ID.

The organiser is entitled to disqualify or exclude participants from the event who knowingly gave false personal data when registering, which is relevant to the evaluation of their athletic performance, and/or a suspension by a national or international association or NADA or WADA, and/or violate the anti-doping law in force at the time of the competition.

When using the showers the official swimming regulations apply.


By registering for the Basel Women’s Run, each participant accepts the liability disclaimer of the organiser or the organisers for damages of any kind. The organiser is not liable for material and financial losses. This does not apply to grossly negligent or caused damages.

If the organiser is obliged to make changes or cancel the performance of the event for security reasons or in cases of force majeure due to an official order, the organiser shall not be obliged to pay damages to the participant.

The organiser assumes no liability for health risks and the medical suitability of the participant in connection with the participation in a competition of the Basel Women's Run. The responsibility for the prior medical examination of their state of health is the responsibility of each participant.

Personal data

By registering, each participant agrees to the automated storage of the specified personal data required for payment processing for the purpose of carrying out and handling the event.

By registering, the participant agrees that parts (name, first name, year, nationality, team / club, distance and time) of the personal data will be published in the starter and result lists on the Internet, in the official results booklet and by posting at the event grounds.

By providing the telephone number when registering, the participant agrees that it will be used for advertising purposes and information exclusively by W2 Event & Concept AG.

The photos, film recordings and interviews of the participant made in connection with the participation in the Basel Women’s Run can be used, distributed and published by the organiser without remuneration claims in radio and television, print media, Internet, advertising, books, photomechanical reproductions – such as films, videocassettes and so on.

By registering, the participant agrees to the sending of event-relevant information by post and e-mail by the organiser.

Upon conclusion of the cancellation insurance of the RaceResult indicated at the registration, the participant agrees to the transfer of personal data to the insurance company Raceresult.

Conditions for one-time direct debit collection

The amounts to be deducted from the account are not subject to any amount restriction. The account-holding bank is entitled to return direct debits, in particular if the account does not have the required cover. In this case, the payee is notified. Partial payments can not be made.

The account-holding bank is entitled to stop carrying out this order if the account does not have the required cover. In such a case, the payee is notified.

Passing on this order to the payee does not create any liability for the account-holding bank. The client can not assert claims against the account-holding bank against charges that occur within the scope of this order.

Objections relating to the legal transaction underlying the direct debit transaction must be settled directly between the client and the payee. This order is revocable. A cancellation of the order is valid from the time of entering the account-holding bank. The client must notify the payee at the same time.

For the rest, the “General Terms and Conditions of Swiss Credit Lines” apply in their latest version. In case of non-participation, the entry fee can not be refunded.

Information and service

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